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tex 13 years ago
not even a virgin all fake!
lol wtf 3 years ago
im a fucking girl and a virgin i cant even put 2 of my fucking small fingers in me and u call her a virgin? lol, not a defloration, this is fake. the 'blood' didn't looked like REAL blood, i know how a real blood looks like u aint fooling anyone
Joe 13 years ago
It's fake... She has her pussy clutched tight so the hymen is never actually visible. And the guy's fingers enter way to easily. This company produces these fetish videos en masse.
Hymenologogue 12 years ago
Again just plain water, sugar and food coloring. You should be ashamed presenting this a defloration. Just stupid!
virgin fucker 13 years ago
I don't think she is virgin.cause the blood color is like a tomato ketchep which is the man hide in hand.
Ashok 11 years ago
Only for sex
chinna 12 years ago
very niece
XXX 13 years ago
Woh, the blood looks like strawberryjuice!!! Absolutely FAKE!!!!
max 13 years ago
... 12 years ago
Did it seem like at the begginingshe didn't want it to happen? She grabbed her underwear then grabbed his arm in an act that looked to be to stop what was happening to her. Just a thought.